Watch: webinar on Design and Evaluation of Regulatory Experiments

How do you set up a regulatory experiment to make it possible to evaluate afterwards? Watch the recording of the webinar on the real-life experiments related to laws or other regulations.

Date: October 14, 2021


  • How to design and evaluate a Regulatory Experiment, Professor Bauknecht
  • Panel discussion: reflections on the German report and Swedish experiences
  • Questions and comments from the audience


  • Dierk Bauknecht, Professor Dr Energy & Climate, Öko-Insitut (German report)
  • Lisa Olsson, Head of Innovation and Transformation, City of Helsingborg (panel)
  • Karl Westberg, Dr Economic History, Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation (panel)
  • Jon Simonsson, Chair, Komet (moderator)

Invitation and program (in English)

Upplägg och utvärdering av regulatoriska försök